“On ICE” (I’m Jus Chillin) by Apostle Detrick Gaskins

“On ICE” (I’m Jus Chillin) by Apostle Detrick Gaskins

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By Apostle Detrick Gaskins

After prayer today I was inspired to pen this small word of encouragement. I hope the words transform those who read it. God Bless.


Prov. 20:4 The sluggard will not plow by reason of the COLD [therefore] shall he beg in harvest, and [have] nothing.


Apostle DL Gaskins @ https://www.facebook.com/detrick.gaskins
Apostle DL Gaskins @ https://www.facebook.com/detrick.gaskins

Growing up and even more now a days, whenever asked the questions “Wyd” (what are you doing), “What’s up”, “How have u been”, “What u been up too” etc, I would consistently hear, “I Been CHILLIN” or “Jus CHILLIN”.  This short phrase is often used to cover up what we are really doing, which is usually NOTHING of IMPORTANCE. This utterance is the manifested proof of the state of mind most people are in today.


In hinder sight I realized I too say it a lot. Could it be because it’s the quickest and or easiest thing to say at the time of questioning or again does it show the state of my current position in life, I would lean more towards the latter. If we really took the time to make a retrospective look at our daily walk we would painfully see the many missed opportunities to do something PRODUCTIVE in our lives or the life of others. 


Let’s think about it;


  • We sit home all day and CHILL (do nothing) BUT COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING BORED.
  • We CHILL with friends all day and (do nothing), BUT SMOKE, DRINK, HAVE SEX, COMPLAIN & GOSSIP, just to name a few, THEN COMPLAIN and ENVY THE LIFE OF OTHERS. 
  • Being “ON ICE” or as some would say “CHILL MODE” is nothing more than a SPIRIT OF LAZINESS (sluggard) which according to the above scripture comes by reason of THE COLD (chilling).


We should not to complain about our empty harvests if we have failed to do our part in its growth. Am I saying this to keep others, including myself, from speaking that statement, NO! These words were given to me by the Holy Spirit in hopes that it would break the current pattern that so many of us are in or vastly approaching. Don’t get me wrong sometimes we are kept ON ICE to remain FRESH so when THE APPOINTED TIME comes we can be thawed out and used. However, many of us have been ON ICE too long and have become FREEZER BURNT so we are discarded because we are NO LONGER USEABLE.




  • Laziness: In NEED but will not WORK to fulfill the need.
  • Begging: Wanting everything GIVEN to them @ little or no cost
  • Excuses: Can always give u a reason on y they’re in the position they’re in but can almost never give a solution.
  • Poverty: Always BUSY but never has NOTHING to show for it.


So the next time someone questions … WHAT DID U DO TO DAY make sure you have something more to say than I JUST CHILLED, or we will find ourselves melting away into PUDDLES OF FAILURES being stepped over and walked on in someone else PATH OF SUCCESS.


Father, please help us; we have failed to produce for U by being in this petrified state. We are called to produce fruit for your glory not just in MINISTRIES but in our daily lives. Send your Spirit to thaw the ice from around our hearts and minds. Break the CHILLING SHACKLES off of Your people that we may have substance for you, ourselves and others in the day of harvest. Thank You and we believe it done in Jesus name.

ADL Gaskins @ http://www.kairosinternationaltc.org/
ADL Gaskins



A pen of a ready writer.

KAIROS International Training Center @ http://www.kairosinternationaltc.org/

Apostle Detrick L. Gaskins is a native of Paterson NJ, flows within a strong apostolic, prophetic and teaching grace. The primary beat of his heart is to see the divine order of God restored back to the Body of Christ and His Kingdom. Apostles Gaskins has a powerful, yet practical teaching style that challenges and charges his audience and readers to advancement past the realms of religious mediocrity. Through utilizing his gifts and talents of the prophetic, teaching, singing, writing, words of wisdom and knowledge, the anointing on his life has truly made room for him. Apostle Gaskins is sought out for his expertise within the areas of Gifts and Callings, Intercessory Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance, Church Government and Structure. Apostle Gaskins has been afforded to advance the Kingdom across the nation as a conference/seminar speaker and leadership trainer. Ministries across the country who have come in contact with this young man have experienced lasting results through his ministry.


Apostle Gaskins is the founder of KAIROS International Training Center, where their call is to REDEEM the lost, EQUIP the saints and ADVANCE the Kingdom {Ezra 8:35-36} Apostle Gaskins spends most of his time as an avid  writer, counselor and leadership mentor. Apostle Gaskins also spear-heads annual KAIROS CAMPAIGNS which were designed to bring impact and restoration to regions he is called to. Apostle Gaskins has been in ministry over 14 years. Apostle Gaskins received his apostolic commission in 2001 an then his affirmation in 2005 by an apostolic presbytery team in the persons of Apostle Stephen Garner, Rivers of Living Water Ministries International, Chicago IL. and Apostle Norris Johnson, Reconciliation Ministries International, Racine Wisconsin.


Apostle Gaskins currently resides and serves the Orlando, FL and has one beautiful daughter DeMeta Diani Gaskins


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Apostle Ricardo Butler aka ReAsOn DiSciPLe @ http://www.ricardoequips.com/about-ricardo/

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